24th April 2015

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I was born in Clifton, Bristol, in 1965, and from a young age I was a good drawer, which was noticed when I started school. The praise I received gave me the confidence and encouragement in my ability, to draw when I found time. This became a self perpetuating process which lead to my improvement, and enjoyment. I went to Sunday School because the Teacher also gave art lessons, which boasted me still further. I finished school with O level and A level art and design. I later got a National Diploma in Graphic Design, and worked in Advertising for a while.

Composition 92

This is a picture which is a montage of many of my favourite artists. Dali, Manet, Holbein, Turner, and I am sure you can see more.

Summer Love-in

I was 2 years old in 1967, which was the "Summer of Love", and Haight Ashbury was the district where it was most obvious, with hippies, Free Love, Flower Power, anti war protest, and psychadelic drugs everywhere. This philosophy has effected me, and although I don't do drugs or some of the other things they did, I think I can still appreciate the culture.

Moses, the Burning Bush, and the Tablets of Stone

Moses is said to have climbed Mount Sinei, during the exodus from Egypt. On the mountain he was alone, and from an age before manned flight and Lasers were ever even possible. So what was this man to think when he saw a flying machine so bright, that it illuminated the trees near it like only a fire could do in his time. This machine was able to communicate with him. What would he think when he saw a bright light cut marks into stone that were explained to be words of law. Could this be an extra-terrestrial alphabet that became Hebrew?. Was Moses really the inventor of the Hebrew alphabet?

virgin Nativity wisemen
The Immaculate Deception

Virginity intact

An Angel came with a flower, and told Mary she would have a child, a genetically modified son. Unfortunately she didn't understand that the bright flower was really a laser capable of fertilising and modifying an egg, and that the messenger wasn't from a supreme being, and was also the cause of her pregnancy.

The Star of Bethlehem

A messenger visited some Sheperds, before returning to his flying machine and lead the sheperds to the stable of the genetically enhanced child. The flying machine was mis-identified as a star, since no one on earth could fly

The Three Wise Men

These three men were clever for their time, but they weren't to know that Extra-terrestrials could fly. They just thought it was a special star, so they followed it.




I started out by painting animals. At the age of four and a half I could draw a mean horse, and being taught that little trick, by my father then, gave me the confidence to develop a head of most other kids my age. I got into budgies at about seven or eight, because dad bought some for us. These buderigars are a much later example of that subject matter, these are in the form of a water colour in a wild setting.


At the moment I have an interest in painting pictures that speak of the past, particularly in my family. As a result of my family tree research I have found that I have got to know these people who have long since

Prize Fighting in the Valleys

past away, but knowing them isn't enough, so from what I have been able to learn about them, I painted these two pictures which although not perfect likeness I can hang them on the wall and feel closer to them.

Back to the Face

Western Art

The Tour

Crazy Horse's friends in sepia water colour

he dog

He Dog
He dog was also a good friend, but he desserted Crazy Horse twice, once before the Custer fight, and then the day he died.

little big man

Little Big Man
A close friend of Crazy Horse, but in trying to help he first caused him to get hurt, and then killed.

touch the clouds

Touch the Clouds
Touch the Clouds was 7 feet tall, and fought Custer, and was a good friend and he was there at the end.



In The

There are two Spirit in the Sky pictures and they are both dedicated to Crazy Horse. The first was bases on descriptions in books I have read. The second picture is based on the photograph of the person I believe to be him, which appeared in the book "To Kill an Eagle"




Oceti Sakowin

Oceti Sakowin means the seven campfire, which is how the Sioux refers to themselves. They also refer to themselves in circles which is a symbol of a village. The painting is symbolic of how the Oglala Lakota was broken into villages, and how the Oglala relate to the other bands, of the Lakota, and Sioux, as well as there allies and enemies.

My Sorrow

This picture is a very personal one , paint shortly after the break up of a relationship, where a planned baby was aborted. In the Medicine Way, I am a Wolf , the child was due to be a falcon, and the mother was a snake. This snake leaves a trail of blood behind her, and the Wolf mourns in her wake.

naming cer
The Naming Ceremony

A picture of a Lakota village naming their new arrival near Devil's Tower

This is a loving couple near Bear Butte courting, and brave has his love under his blanket.
Wounded Knee 1990

This is Wounded Knee revisited, exactly 100 years later, and Chief Big Foot, is in the clouds, and the flag of truce still flies. Another shameful day for Custer's 7th Cavalry.
Crazy Horse, Lakota Saviour

This picture is self explanatory
Crazy Horse's Vision
Oil Sketch

This is the small sketch for a picture I have since painted.
Wakan Tanka

This picture is based on the vision of Black Elk.
Hunting the Sacred White buffalo

A picture based on another picture by Charles Russell, the famed western artist of the time
Custer in his Fool's Paradise

The fool is General Custer. A cruel, glory hunting leader, who led his 7th Cavalry into many massacres, and this was to be one more, but his stupidity, brought his life to an end. The landscape of this picture is accurate, and I have actually visited the site a couple of times.


If you feel that you would like any of these picture on your wall, or know someone who does, why not make a bid. There is a reserve price. Or if you have a coment or question, don't hesitate to write to me.



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